Walla, August

Profession/occupation: none.

Art form/medium: writing, embroidering, objects, painting.

Start artwork: he moved to the ‘House of Artists’ in Gugging in 1983.

(Solo-) exhibitions: ‘Weltenwandler – World Transformers. The Art of the Outsiders’, Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt, 2010-2011.

Info: Outsider Art Source Book, (Raw Vision) 2016, p.215 / 2009, p.156.

August Walla lived with his mother in Klosterneuburg until he moved to the ‘House of Artists’ in 1983. The scanty, little conforming way of the Wallas, horrified their bourgeois environment.

Walla painted and wrote on objects, trees, roads, he took photographs and made installations. He developed a personal catalogue of gods and symbols, implanted well-known images such as the swastika and the Hammer and Sickle, using their drastic effect for his own means.

In Gugging he seamlessly decorated the walls and ceiling of his room as well as large parts of the house. He wrote, built objects, embroidered.

info: www.gugging.org;

August Walla
1936 Klosterneuburg, Oostenrijk / Austria - 2001 Gugging, Oostenrijk / Austria